Sunday, March 29, 2009

a dream!

i woke up from my sleep and saw my ex-girlfriend lying next to my bed. I was shocked. I asked her what was she doing here. 'I'm your new roomate',she replied. The astonishment on my face was very obvious i think because a few moments later she said, "relax,i'm not going to do anything to you". Still in shock, i reached for my towel and headed to the bathroom. As soon as i wanted to enter the bathroom, my cellphone rang. It was an anonymous number. I picked it up and the voice at the other end said, "where the hell are you?! get here soon idiot!". I was shocked. married? to whom? After my shower, i quickly get dressed. My new roomate asked me,"where are you going in those baju melayu?" with a giggle. "getting married", i said. Her eyes widened and she gasped. "to whom?", she asked again. i just raised my hands and shook my head. She was quite pissed off because she thought i wasn't telling the truth. As i was leaving my room, she stared at me and a tear drop from her round eyes.

I was with my current girl at this time. I told her that i was getting married and she said she knew. She just smiled without even a slight feeling except joy and happy. She said that both of the families have agreed that the marriage should be held tomorrow and i needed to get back to my hometown that instant. I was speechless. She grabbed my hand and we drove to JB. As soon as i was there, i swear i couldnt even a recognize a single face there. My girlfriend then showed me my bride. She was beautiful and all but i dont evaluate girls based on looks. So i approached my bride and asked her whether she knows me that well to be my wife. (I sure do know her but not that well to get marry to her) She just smiled and said it doesnt matter as long as i'm with her. I turned around and my girlfriend was nowhere to be found.

My heart was beating so hard that i swear you could hear it all the way from Kuching. I kept on looking for my girlfriend. Suddenly in the sea of unfamiliar faces, i saw a familiar one. My new roomate a.k.a my ex-girlfriend. She was just standing there staring at me with her emotionless face. I tried to get to her for an explanation but there was just too many people between me and her. At that moment, my bride grabbed my hand dragged me away.

I opened my eyes and saw my roomate was completing his assignment in the desk. My heart was still pumping and beating hard. I was sweating like a pig. "karam,press release tu apa?", my roomate a.k.a TP (not to be confused with T-Pain) asked me. I just stared at him and release a big sigh of relief that it was all just dfream.

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