Monday, March 16, 2009


I thought that coming to the end of my last semester (God's willing) things would get smoother for me. You know, in terms of assignments and all the other craps that have to be completed. But that wasn't the case though. Multiple assignments and presentations needed to be done such a short period of time. I try not to complaint but i ain't no Will Smith in I Robot or Robin Williams in The Bicentennial Man (hopefully i get the actor name right). After presenting the 1st draft of my short movie last Friday, turns out that my lecturers are'nt quite happy with it and a lot more things should be done especially the audio in the short movie (duh,it's the 1st draft ain't it..must it be that perfect?). And i need to complete it by this Wednesday. You wanna know why? I'm gonna present it on the Friday (Yeah, this Friday) I gotta sit my ass in the editing lab again (I swear i cant take it anymore staring in front of computers doing the same damn thing over and over again..makes me sick to my stomach and my anus.) To make things worse, i got another presentation on this Wednesday and i havent done anything yet because i forgot that there would be a presentation. Damn! Such a mess i'm in. But thankfully my presentation for Tuan Haji Syahrul has been postponed (hopefully it's a good sign for things to come). It's been a rough week for me. With Man U losing 4-1 to LOSERpool at OLD TRAFFORD. I receive multiple quadruple messages from LOSERpool fans rubbing their win in my face. I would really love to tell them to f**k off. hehehe.Show me your trophies boys! Aint got one do you? hahaha. It's been like for how long that LOSERpool havent won the premiership? 20 plus years and counting i guess. hahahah. Sorry bout the language.

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