Sunday, March 29, 2009

busted chin

Friday - 27 March - A bunch of UNIMAS students were at the Golden Hawk Sports Barn having some fun and taking a breather from their hectic studying schedule. They were showcasing their futsal sklills while warming up.

After finishing their warm ups, they prepare to battle each other in a friendly game. Things went off just fine until a few minutes before the 1st half ends. The goalkeeper, Leonard Nandong ak Melepong, 25, threw a long ball for his forward to latch on to. The forward, Mohamad Karami Mohd Kamel, 21, ran forward while keeping his eye on the ball. Their opponents stood watching and there were silence inside the sport barn. The forward kept on running that he didn't realise that he run out of field and was heading towards the goalpost. Suddenly a loud thud was heard and Karami fall to the ground.

Everyone in the field rush towards him as he screams in pain and agony. His teammates pick him up and he seemed fine except for a cut in the chin. They had a few laugh about the incident and continued to play. After a while Karami started to slow down. He felt dizzy and he feels this throbbing pain in his chin. He rubbed it and he was shocked to see blood all over his hands. He quickly tell it to his teammates and they rushed him to a clinic as the wound seems like a deep cut and needed stitches. After arriving at the clinic, the doctor just gave him a shot of an antidote to prevent kancing gigi and a few plasters. He was charged for RM60 for the plasters which was quite expensive. heheheh.

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