Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Desperate time calls for desperate measure

It has been 3 weeks after i've completed my shooting and 2 weeks after my last involvement in shooting. My body is taking it's toll now. I haven't been getting enough rest nor sleep. There is always something coming up out of nowhere. I haven't completed my graduating form, completed my role play for Arab class, my presentation for Seminar class, and to make things worse, my FYP is only 40% completed. I need to submit it on the 11th. Damn. I'm not sure why but i keep having unsufficient time to complete my chores. Wonder why. Heheh. By the way, i've been spending this whole week in the editing lab. I gotta tell you that it's very very depressing sitting in that room. Feels like i'm having claustrophobia or something. On my next post, i'll upload some pics for you guys aite? holla

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